Kim is a very knowledgeable, straightforward and easy to work with realtor. She’ll fight for her clients while simultaneously listening to their needs. We’ve bought 2 houses (and rented a 3rd) through Kim and couldn’t ask for a better experience.

Matt Kellogg

Kim came highly recommended by a friend who had worked with her in the past. From the first phone call, we knew we had a great agent. Kim is professional and goes above and beyond in trying to help you find the perfect home. She helped us find a great lender to get pre-approved before our trip to Arizona and when we arrived she had a nice variety of properties for us to see. She never pushed us to settle for anything less than what we were looking for. Once we found the home we wanted, Kim was prompt in writing the offer and stayed on top of everything during escrow so we had no stress throughout the buying process. If you want a great agent by your side, call Kim.

Tina Crowe

Best agent to have on your side!

Kim will make sure that you are happy and she will track down anybody who is trying to slow down your home buying process. Kim is a joy to work with and we are grateful to have her on our side as we close on our first home purchase. We purchased in AZ while we are in IL, and she has helped make the whole process a breeze!

We found Kim Bongiorno online when we were moving from CO to AZ, with only one week’s notice, for a new job. Not only is Kim a great realtor, but she was also able to assist us as a rental agent. Within 4 days, Kim had located and gotten us approved for a rental house that worked out perfectly for over a year. Although we had only seen pictures of the property, we were quite pleased with the rental property, thanks to Kim’s quick and direct approach. We tried the craigslist route, but most of those listing had already been rented out, and most inquiries went unanswered. And time was of the essence!

When we were ready to start looking for homes, naturally Kim came to mind. She had performed amazingly well when we needed a rental house 1,000 miles from home, with practically no notice at all. We had been relying on housing websites to locate potential homes we wanted to view, like Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com. The problem we found, was that many of those homes ended up being either short sales with long drawn out offer processes and multiple offers already, or they already had contracts on them. The Phoenix market was beginning to rebound, and there was quite a bit of activity occurring within very short spans of time.

We were looking for a certain type of property with a pool, yet the inventory was quite low, as others seem to be wanting the same thing. We started our search with Kim in June of 2012. We thought it would be a long and drawn out process, as our wish list proved difficult to find properties to fit the bill. So we viewed what was out there for several weeks, and wondered if our dream place existed here. Kim has a service that sends automatic listings via email, of properties that come available fitting our criteria. One Friday afternoon, a property came through via email that we wanted to see asap. Kim didn’t waste a second, and set up an appointment for the next day, Saturday, to see the house. But she also went one step further, and added an additional 4 houses to the list within the same area.

When we got to the house, it appeared at least 10 realtors had already been through. We really liked the house, but wanted to see the others also, before jumping to a decision. Kim found out there were already 4 offers on the house, and the owners were going to make a decision late that afternoon, on who the house would go to. While at another house, we were discussing how to make an appropriate offer to secure the first house we’d seen. With Kim’s guidance on the price, Kim’s associate Mark came up with the idea to go back to the house and meet the realtors and the owner to present the offer in person. Once we did that, and our offer was accepted, the other realtors wanted to know whose idea it was to do so, as they were impressed with the way it all came together. Long story short, Kim had us in our first home within just over a month from when we started looking. A year later….we couldn’t be happier, and feel everything worked out just the way it was supposed to.

Kim is a hard working, no nonsense realtor. She knows what she is doing, she knows the markets, and works tirelessly to bring all of the elements together. Why does she work 7 days a week? Because she takes every opportunity to help others by using every possible moment to help fulfill the dreams of other potential home owners. One word? Trust. Two more – patience and perseverance. We would like to recommend her skills and professionalism, and we feel blessed that we were led to her in our home search. Cory C. and Steve H.”

THANKS KIM FOR EVERYTHING!!! We love our new house!

Best Regards,
Cory and Steve