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Now there are ALTERNATIVE WAYS for Choosing The Right Home To Own.

Why Traditional Feng Shui, Healthy Home Analysis, and Environmental Design should be used before you buy. This can improve your lifestyle and living conditions for your family.

Learn how to choose a home that will bring benefits and improvements to your quality of life, rather than one that causes you problems.

Traditional Feng Shui

  • Traditional Feng Shui is all about making your home or property a comfortable and happy place to live in.
  • It is about harnessing the Qi or natural energy of your living environment, with a view to helping you achieve your goals in life.
  • Traditional Feng Shui is a goal oriented science.
  • Traditional Feng Shui is not ‘Pop Feng Shui’, ‘New Age Feng Shui’, or ‘Barnes and Noble Feng Shui’

Healthy Homes (Bau-biologie)

  • Healthy Homes (Bau-biologie) is concerned with the biological and health aspects of our homes and businesses.
  • Healthy Homes or Bau-biologie is the study of the effects that built environments have on human biological systems, communities and the earth.
  • Many homes which have been built improperly and may have toxic environmental influences, such as indoor pollution from man-made chemicals and electricity, thereby causing a serious effect on the health of people in developed and developing nations around the world.

Environmental Design

  • Environmental Design is the process of addressing environmental parameters when devising plans, programs, policies, buildings, or products.
  • Environmental Design develops physical environments, both interior and exterior, to meet aesthetic or day-to-day functional needs.
  • Environmental Design includes such specialties as architects, acoustical scientists, engineers, environmental scientists, landscape architects, urban planning, interior designers, lighting specialists, etc.
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